FFXIV Bot - - Scripting Upgrades

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FFXIV Bot - - Scripting Upgrades

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========= MMOViperBot Change Notes =========
March 13, 2023 MMOViperBot Version

All Bots:
- Tweak: Profile loading for speed
- Added: Scripting CS file feature //!CompilerOption:AddRef:YourDLL.dll
- Note: To use the new AddRef feature just add it to the top of your cs file to be compiled
- Note: For Example, if you wanted to use System.IO.Compression.dll to use the ZipFile class, just add the following to the top of your cs file
- Added: Scripting Project folders. All cs files in a plugin folder will be automatically added to a combined library. Good to split up your code into multiple files.
- Added: You can now buy plugins from the store and they will be added to the plugins tab and updated automatically. Visit https://plugins.mmoviper.com

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Bot:
- Added: Scripting API: IMob IGame.Chocobo {get;}
- Bugfix: Fixed Triple Triad Chaos Mode
- Bugfix: Task Select Yes/No now works with materia yes/no window
- Added: Advanced Fishing Plugin now on the Plugin store.

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