FFXIV Bot - Misc Updates and scripting enhancements

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FFXIV Bot - Misc Updates and scripting enhancements

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June 30, 2022 MMOViperBot Verison

- Bugfix: Launcher/Pather is now working again.
- Added: ScriptingAPI-> IBagSlot.Count (how many items in this slot)
- Tweak: ScriptingAPI-> Item names are now cached for performance
- Tweak: Removed more unicode chars from chat logs
- Tweak: Fates improved again....also no longer targets green npc's as well.
- Added: ScriptingAPI-> INavigation.Graph returns current mesh)
- Added: ScriptingAPI-> INavigation.LoadGraph load in a mesh
- Added: ScriptingAPI-> INavigation.MoveTo(Graph,x,y,z) use specific graph for navigation.
- Modified: ScriptingAPI-> window manager debug commands now include a callback

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