Lord of the Rings Bot Lotro Bot Bug fixes

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Lord of the Rings Bot Lotro Bot Bug fixes

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========= MMOViperBot Change Notes =========
Apr 18 2023 MMOViperBot Version

All Bots:
- Bugfix: Fixed possible crash on startup
- Added: Extra logging for crash errors
- Bugfix: Fixed UI issue causing some config setting to not save

Lord of the Rings (LOTRO) Bot:
- Bugfix: Fixed waypoint error when no waypoints are set
- Bugfix: Fixed navigation turning
- Bugfix: Fixed aggro warning when harvesting
- Tweak: If spell readiness cannot be found (some newer classes) will default to cooldown time
- BUG: There is still a bug in the backup tool option, do not use yet. It is not swapping harvesting tools.

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