FFXIV Bot - Scripting Updates and Harvesting Fix

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FFXIV Bot - Scripting Updates and Harvesting Fix

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July 25, 2022 MMOViperBot Version

ALL Bots:
- Tweak: Minor cleanup and tweaks

- Tweak: Radar and overlay radar tweaks
- Bugfix: Fixed some items not showing up in the ItemStrings.json (effected harvesting)
- Added: Scripting API-> GetBuffByName
- Added: Scripting API-> IBuffManager IMob.BuffManager (can now get buffs for targets).
Ex. IBuff b = IGame.Target.BuffManager.GetBuffByName("Death By Fire"); Returns NULL if buff does not exist!
- Deprecated: Scripting API-> IGame.BuffManager (no longer needed since IMob.Buffmanager works for all mobs.)

Please send more API requests or features you want added!

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