Mouse left click

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Mouse left click

#1 Post by polgara »

Well, after spending 3 hours getting my first patrol set up(and saving it multiple times, as well as the profile).....i added a left click to the path, or tried too. after clicking on the game window as instructed, viper locked up and had to be force stopped through taks manager. Upon restart, the profile and patrol route are nowhere to be found....

Starting over? or is it hiding somewhere i cant find it? neither the profile or the patrol area are appearing in the drop down menus for thier respective tabs.


Also, is there a way to activate craft stations with this? <----still wondering


REVISED: redid the path, and saved it and closed VIPER this time before trying the left click. Seems to be working okay now using the left click as well. YAA!

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Re: Mouse left click

#2 Post by PitViper »

Nice! Not sure why sometimes closing and opening fixes things.

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