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Whos Is MMOViper and What Do We Do?

Welcome to MMOViper The All In One Botting and Radar Hack Site

What is ViperBot you ask? Well, it is the BEST automated bot for Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Bot, FFXIV Bots, Neverwinter Online, NWO Bots, Guild Wars 2 Bot, GW2 Bots, Aion Online, Runes of Magic, Warhammer Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, Lord of the Rings, and More ever! If you are tired of sitting in front of the game screen, grinding out level after level and not being able to get out and do something else because all of your friends will have left you behind in levels. Then you NEED the MMOViper Software! All you have to do is set it up and it will grind away level after level all by itself, leaving you time to sleep, play another character, go to the movies, or just relax. MMOViper NEVER has to eat, sleep, drink, or go to the bathroom!! So how does it work? With MMOViper you can record keyboard and mouse clicks and interactions and then have them played back. The Viper software is very intuitive, and can calculate automatically your location in the game world. So if you record a path from one location to another. When you play back this recording, the MMOViper software will follow exactly the steps you took and repeat exactly what you recorded.

MMOViper not only gives you an amazing peice of software that works with multiple games but with almost every game we support you get full access to our premium member forums. This is not an extra price its included in your MMOViper subscription.

Also unlike other sites that you have to pay 30 bucks here and 30 bucks there for different features MMOViper is an all in one solution. You make one fee and you get access to everything we have. That includes all future updates, forums, and user submitted contributions that are added to the site. No more waisting money on one product only to waste more on another a few weeks down the road.


Recent Site And Game Updates.

Revelation Online Bot - - Quest update, bug fixes
April 14, 2017 MMOViperBot Version All Bots - Update: Fixed bug causing bot to not load on windows 10 version 1703 Revelation Online Bot: - Bugfix: Fixed scripting IPlayer.MP, CurMP - Added: IPlayer.EP, CurEP, WS2, CurWS2 - Added: IPlayer.AmmoType, AmmoNum - Added: Viper Task: RunPython script - Added: Bot will now try to rez when dead - Added: Quester 1.8 (buggy) but will try to level to around 37ish (Darkfall raid needs help, will ... more ...

Tree of Savior Bot Loot fixed
April 4, 2017 MMOViperBot Version Tree of Savior Bot Steam: - Bugfix: Fixed broken offsets - Bugfix: Tweaked looting, should now loot better and ignore other loot not your own - Bugfix: Fixed invulnerable bug where bot would sit and die from a invulnerable mob more ...

Revelation Online Bot - Questing Bot Update
April 1, 2017 MMOViperBot Version Revelation Online Bot: -Bugfix: Fixed aggro on some boss mobs -Added: Scripting API: IMob.classType -Added: Scripting API: IPlayer.inFuben (arena) -Added: Scripting API: IPlayer.mapID -Tweak: Quester 1.5 updated/tweaked to quest through the First Darkfall Raid and a few beyond (level 22) -Tweak: Quester 1.5 will now auto-equip better items as they pop up more ...

Revelation Online Questing Bot -
March 25, 2017 MMOViperBot Version Revelation Online Bot: -Bugfix: Fixed hotkeys: QuickBar1_-, =, and Quickbar2_-, = -Bugfix: Logout on follow works now -Added: Questing API's added to Scripting.Core -Bugfix: Patrol with campaign would sometimes go crazy off in the distance for no reason -Added: Questing Bot Plugin designed to quest through starter island (and more?) -All Bots: -Tweak: Plugins no longer clear out the internal panel before calling OnConfigure -Tweak: Status window now anchors ... more ...

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