MMOViper - Black Desert Bot Misc Fixes

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MMOViper - Black Desert Bot Misc Fixes

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Jun 1, 2016 MMOViperBot Version

All Bots:
-Added: IPlayer.Heading {set;} so you can set the players heading API
-Bugfix: Fixed IMob.curHP to show correct values now.

Black Desert Bot:
-Bugfix: Increased size of ReadLuaString so that it will read the entire string (even very long ones)
-Tweak: Bot will now stop fishing if teleported by default (can override by Cast Fishing Reel task)
-Tweak: Increased size of lua strings
-Tweak: Bot will not use unstuck on WorldNav any longer once within 10 units of destination.
-Tweak: FaceHeading task will now quickly press S (back key) to fully face the direction of the task.
-Bugfix: Bot will now open inventory to UseInventoryItem task.

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