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 Post subject: BAN CONCEPTS
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:09 am 
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A lot of the following probably applies to each game on this forum.
Recently four of my accounts were permanently banned from the ESO server. When I try to log on to the website I get this message. “You have been suspended from the site.” I can tell you that it was due to my own foolish mistakes NOT MMOViper. In addition to the Viper Log, I keep my own extensive log every single time I load a character. Rather than tell you exactly why I think I was banned, I want to explain some of the information Zenimax collects from users. Then, based on that information you can form your own ideas on how to avoid the ban hammer in your game.
First and foremost, I do not recommend using your main account to exploit the game in any way. Honestly, it is actually pretty hard to play the game like it is supposed to be played and get banned. If you do need another backup account because you already started botting with your main I would not pay full price for it. This site has worked for me every time with extreme discounts like $10 for a code. Just do your research and use it at your own risk.


Here are some things (outside of botting) that ESO might ban a user account for.
• Having a user name that is not politically correct. ESO has recently added the option for users to change their names through their website. I have personally seen people get banned for putting “.com” at the end of their name so I don’t recommend trying to advertise in your name. I am not sure why they allow that in the first place. I would recommend putting some thought into your gamer tags, something that matches the era of the game might not draw as much attention.
• Avoid in-game exploits such as duplicating items or combat exploits.
• Avoid offensive language in chat or typing anything that someone can just click on and report you for.
• Avoid logical macros or rubber banding your controller. Most free macro keyboard pressers out there do not have a random function. I guarantee that what feels random to you will still get picked up by a repetitious detection algorithm.

Information Collection and Associating Accounts
Obviously everything on their registration page is collected and associated with the users account. However, just visiting a website can reveal even more identifiable information to the server such as your IP address, physical location and the type of computer system you are using. Some of this information may also be stored during registration. Visit this link to see more about what you are exposing.


Crash Report:
When your game crashes here is what can be reviled to the server. This is an actual crash report with the information removed. The information in the {} is dynamic and based on your system and in most cases all of these fields are populated.
eso has stopped working.

version = {}

ProductName = {}
Version = {}
branch = {}
char.account = {Your Account Name}
char.alliance = {1,2,3 one of these numbers}
char.name = {Your Character Name}
client.executablebits = {32 or 64 bit version of the exe}
client.mode = {}
client.renderertype = {Direct X Version}
client.session_start_timestamp = {Date and Time you started the game exe. In Zulu}
client.time_since_load = {}
client.timestamp = {}
client.uptime = {}
computer.name = {The name of your computer}
computer.user = {The actual user currently logged into that computer – not game related - this is not a joke, they can see who the actual windows user is logged into the machine}
cpu.arch = {}
cpu.count = {}
cpu.level = {}
cpu.type = {}
data.depotid = {}
data.dir = {}
data.syncm = {}
data.version = {}
exe.buildnum = {}
exe.opt = {}
exe.reltype = {}
exe.type = {}
gfx.description = {}
gfx.deviceid = {}
gfx.driver = {}
gfx.vendorid = {}
globby.address = {}
globby.port = {}
loc.wloc = {}
loc.world = {}
loc.worldid = {}
loc.zone = {}
login.address = {}
mem.system_physical = {}
mem.total_current = {}
mem.total_peak = {}
mem.ws_current = {}
mem.ws_peak = {}
os.osbits = {}
os.platform = {}
os.version = {}
ptime = {}
realm.depotid = {}
realm.id = {}
realm.name = {}
reportfield.ver = {}
version.major = {}
version.patch = {}
version.subpatch = {}

Saved Variables:
“Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables\ZO_Ingame.lua”
This file also has a lot of information associated with your account. You can open it with any text editor to see everything but just to highlight a few things. It contains every account that has logged in from the installed game, guild information, player achievements, and anyone you have had recent interactions with. For example, if you have a farming bot and only mail or trade with your main character they will be able to tell.

Botting on the same IP / Computer as your main:
This is probably a big concern for most people. All I can say is that if an IP is flagged for disciplinary action and you have another account doing the exact same thing from the exact same source then it most likely won’t be long before you are making a new account. On another note, lots of couples play from the same console or computer and if you aren’t doing anything wrong on your main then hopefully you can’t get banned by association. If you are worried about this, I would recommend a good VPN service and learn when to use it. Just remember all of the other identifiable sources of information that can be linked to an account and make sure it doesn’t interfere with your bot authentication.

Best Practices:
Your actions should look natural and random. Really it is up to you on how convincing your bot looks. Bot for a realistic amount of time. Make friends on each account. Do not just stay in "offline" mode your entire life. Actually invest some time either before or after botting to advance your character in ways that a bot might not be able to. Game Masters can probably make themselves completely undetectable so assume that one is watching you. You should also figure out how to get the loot to your main without direct interaction. Avoid massive direct imbalanced trades that don’t make since, that is how gold sellers get caught. If you happen to still get banned, assume you screwed something up here. I recommend deleting ALL of your patrols and staring over, maybe try something new. There is an appeal process but if you know you did something that violated the Terms of Service agreement I would not waist more time drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. If your main gets banned and you know for sure that the account was only guilty by association, by all means appeal it. Also, let us know if an account that has never botted gets banned so we can take appropriate counter measures. If you get banned and used the same registration real Name it might be helpful in determining if they ban the account or the person.

It is their policy not to discuss disciplinary issues on their forums, nor do they provide the exact reason for determining a bannable offence. For good reason, so people like me can’t exploit their methods and expose their weaknesses. For a company that has millions of clients they obviously cannot afford to spend any reasonable amount of time trying to figure out if someone is cheating. It’s probably safe to say that they rely on algorithms and/or other player reports. There are most likely several algorithms constantly scanning trying to determine if you are exploiting the game in any way. Also, what better resource than other players that can probably tell that something just isn’t right.
If I had to guess, the system or bad player reports generate “red flags” or alerts that a member of the disciplinary department will eventually have to review. And, unless there is some sort of massive outsource, they probably only review your account for a few minutes. Looking at such a report, all they would really need to do is determine if the time played equals the amount of effort you put into your character. For example, if your character has 1000 hours played but is still only a level 3 with no achievements, no traits, no kills and 60,000 farmed nodes, then you probably aren’t going to get a second chance. It's also probably safe to assume they can tell if the IP address has been red flagged before, this will probably simplify their decision making process. In my opinion, botting should be like traveling in a car. Yes, it sucks to drive 16 hours straight but in order to reach your destination you still need to be in the car. So monitor your bots while they work and think about this, who in the hell would drive 16 hours a day every day!

Overall I think you found a great bot here that if used properly can be very beneficial. Good luck and have fun.


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 Post subject: Re: BAN CONCEPTS
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:07 pm 

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RE: Botting/IP etc.

I think it should be noted that if you use a VPN service, you should ALWAYS use the same VPN service/location when connecting to any ESO source using that bot account. This means game/website. It is likely they log the source IP every time you authenticate.

It would be a best practice to create the account while connected to the VPN and ALWAYS make sure your connected via VPN before running the game. Also, when using a VPN it might be a good idea to have the VPN service block internet access if the VPN connection is dropped.

Also, IP address is only semi-reliable because most people receive dynamic IP addresses from their ISP. I'm not sure how much accuracy an IP address will provide over time. It is EXCELLENT for determining which accounts came from the same location during a moment in time though.


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