Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

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Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#1 Post by PitViper »

I am looking for the next best thing to add to the 3.0 release that will be upcoming around the new year.

What are your ideas?

Some of the ones that I have had in the past are:

1. Finish the Scripting engine. To allow for more complex scripts.

2. Add in IF/Then and Do/While Loops to the task manager (along with other task manager improvements)

3. New GUI for Hotkeys - To have them all contained in 1 easy to use page with drag and drop support, Cast On MP/Above MP/Below MP, etc options like that. Along with import/export of hotkeys/profile settings.

Any others that I should consider?

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#2 Post by bailey »

I think you need to finish that pretty quick. To be honest I have looked at other things to fulfill my engagment for doing quests and the ability to have the script check and see if i have enough gp for mining to press a button i want it to.

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#3 Post by iamaldrin08 »

Nice! Im looking for a "On resurrect" option, so that the bot will return to any spot that I set. IF/THEN option is good.

Pressing Spacebar for combo, and knockdown detection + spacebar for retaliate.
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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#4 Post by PitViper »

Great suggestions.

Viper lives on suggestions and features that the community wants!!!

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#5 Post by captainsingle »

Thanks for considering your users and constantly improving the program!

Most of these have to do with scripting. I know Viper is not a "coding" program, but as I get more comfortable writing complicated gathering / repair / hunting scripts, I can see needing more a more robust toolset, and the power to more easily call up / customize scripts I've already written.

The easier Viper is to script, the more I think you'll sell. That's the reason I jumped in.

1 - I'd love to see a new interface for the task / campaign manager. The current interface gets the job done, but I'd love to be able to click and drag commands to add or re-order them, copy / paste groups of commands, etc. Maybe even some "common" scripts or "stubs" for new users to customize? This would reduce the learning curve and fear factor for potential buyers.

2 - If / Then / Else! Even noobs can understand how this works. I'd love to be able to "check durability" during an overnight gather and call up a repair run script when needed (instead of a predictable / trackable # of reps)! I could change to shards if my inventory fills up - lots of power in this one!

3 - We could have access to game variables in drag-drop / pulldown fashion in that new interface I mentioned in #1! I know they're in profile, but calling them mid-script would be easier! EVEN MORE POWER combined with #2!

4 - a Random number generator - would make the bot less predictable / trackable. Never fish in one spot the same number of times.

5 - Enable chat while the bot is running. I hate having to stop a patrol just to type a quick response to someone in my FC (don't want to be rude!)

6 - Undo last when making a path / mesh.

7 - An easy "Exit Game" script. I never seem to get the mouse to click "yes" in the right place when scripting.

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#6 Post by redd »

It would be nice to be able to edit range / HP / delay / priority / etc.. of the hotkeys after creating them.

It would also be nice to be able to give them label.

Currently it do the work but it's very hard to keep track of what is there and what not...

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#7 Post by PitViper »

I think that is the feature that I will be working on for 3.0. Is the profile/hotkey overhaul. So that you can easily edit, add, export your profile and spell options.

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#8 Post by fbowna92 »

guys my viperbot wont work.

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#9 Post by PitViper »

Make a new post in the forum for the one you are having issues with. Be as specific as possible so I can replicate the issue or tell you how to fix it. This thread is for poll responses only.

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#10 Post by daomn »

PitViper, it's great to hear 3.0 is coming out. I'm excited to see what you have for us.

I think the biggest overall issue to address is intuitiveness/ease of use (idiot proof, they have money too. lol).. Setting up the actions in a profile is very cumbersome in the current version. I believe that will be the best place to invest time and effort that will help EVERY MMOViper user.

As for extra bells and whistles I would like to see the ability to get multiple bots to work together. Focusing on the same target. I suspect this would go along with having a healing bot be in a group with you while you go kill big bad monsters.

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#11 Post by PitViper »

With 3.0, I want to have shared profiles (upload/export, etc). I am adding in labels to the hotkeys so that when keys are created, you can add a name to it so people know how to setup their hotkey bar.

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#12 Post by cvic »

I'd most like to see these features to be implemented:

1) An ability to press the "Sprint" button while the character is moving to Node/Mob (just after it has started running from a harvested node to the next one).
2) An ability to mark obstacles on the path, so that the character would always jump when running in a certain direction thorough the marked point.
3) An auto dodge AOE attacks feature.
4) An ability to remove parts of NavMesh (not just "clear all").

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#13 Post by truhania »

I think it'd be very nice if for crafting there was an easy way to have the bot activate crafting macros. For example I've macros for making some hq item so it'd be nice to have an easy (or easy for idiot like me) to have the bot clicking on the macro and eventually even taking bouillabaisse when its effects wear off.

Also since most macro are well known now maybe you could have an option where they're sort of already automated in the script for the crafter who have all the crafting skills. Maybe it could be labelled "Advanced Crafting"

It could be interesting to have a farming program for stuff like leather. For example sometimes I'm killing lot of monsters to get enough leather but I get other stuff I don't care about like mean, blood, bones etc... could be interesting to have the bot throwing those away to keep only the leather since we have such limited space in our inventory.

Something else that i'd love is for A & S monsters. It'd be handy if the radar could tell us if there is such monster on the map and where they are. So we could go hunt them more easily.

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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#14 Post by se7enthsin »

I have a suggestion.

So we all know that we have the option to ether just fight monsters or just gather, ad both.

but we could implement a special feature that will allow us to choose how many monsters we till we gather or vis-versa.

There would be 4 selections maybe more maybe less.

less aggressive; allows the bot to gather 4 nodes per 1 monster kill.
aggressive; allows the bot to gather 2 nodes per 4 monster kill.
more aggressive; allows the bot to kill 6 monsters per 1 or 2 monsters.

Or perhaps you could make it to were the users can type in their own amounts. say,
_mob kills to _nodes gathered.

I often see that when trying to both we never get a lot of nodes per mobs.

What do you think?
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Re: Special Feature of 3.0 (Poll)

#15 Post by PitViper »

@7, already added. Double click the target name, and you can edit # of kills for that mob

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