Revelation Online Bot - - Quest update, bug fixes

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Revelation Online Bot - - Quest update, bug fixes

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April 14, 2017 MMOViperBot Version

All Bots
- Update: Fixed bug causing bot to not load on windows 10 version 1703

Revelation Online Bot:
- Bugfix: Fixed scripting IPlayer.MP, CurMP
- Added: IPlayer.EP, CurEP, WS2, CurWS2
- Added: IPlayer.AmmoType, AmmoNum
- Added: Viper Task: RunPython script
- Added: Bot will now try to rez when dead
- Added: Quester 1.8 (buggy) but will try to level to around 37ish (Darkfall raid needs help, will get stuck sometimes)
- Tweak: WorldNav now checks for aggro along the way

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