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ESO bot Scripting Fixes

Post by PitViper » Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:21 am

April 10, 2019 MMOViperBot Version

All Bots:
- Added: Scripting Event: OnNextTask -> Fired when a new patrol/campaign task is about to be executed.
- Bugfix: Adding Tasks to plugins works again, Add tasks, set NeedsToRun to be true if tasks.count > 0, bot will perform all tasks then take back control.
- Removed: Removed Scripting Events, OnRez, OnDeath
- Added: Scripting Event: OnBotStatusChanged -> Fired when the bot status changes. See ENUMS. ie. isPausesd, isDead, isRezzing, isRunningPlugin
- Fixed: Scaled Right Click Task (was pressing left click by mistake)

ESO Bot:
- Bugfix: Fixed crash bug when logging chat to window tab 2

Note: How to use OnNext task in your plugin:
private bool bNeedsToRun = false;
public bool NeedsToRun
//If plugin needs processing time from bot, edit bNeedsToRun to be true...
//Bot will then call DoRun below... Once done, it will flag needs to run as false again...
if (_Tasks.Count > 0)
bNeedsToRun = true;
//NeedsToRun = false in OnIdle -> Means we finished our _Tasks!
// Return true if plugin needs processor time
return bNeedsToRun;
public void OnBotStart(IGame bot)
// Instantiate the Bot Field
myGame = bot;

ITaskManager tm = myGame.GetTaskManager;
tm.OnNextTask += Tm_OnNextTask;

private void Tm_OnNextTask(ref string txtTask, ref bool bHandled)
if (bHandled)
myGame.Log.WriteLine("Plugin OnNextTask -> " + txtTask + " : handled= " + bHandled);
if (txtTask.Contains("Pause"))
_Tasks.Add("Rest: 5000");
myGame.Log.WriteLine("PluginTask -> Adding Pause 5000");
bHandled = true;

public void OnIdle()
bNeedsToRun = false;
/* Do Nothing */

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